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Pixel Savvy builds relationships with its clients using their proven development process to deliver solutions that satisfy needs and exceed expectations.


Our clients have said some wonderful things about us—they act as a testament to our continuing efforts to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations

It is with great pleasure that I can give tremendous recommendation of Shane Austin and his team at Pixel Savvy for delivering a market-leader online presence for my business. Pixel Savvy has truly demonstrated to me how a strategically planned online presence does not only enhance your image, but drive overall profit.

—Loyal Wooldridge, Creative Director Loyal Hair Therapy.

I have been so delighted to work with Shane and his team. I appreciate his patience with me in the process. The overall design of the website is awesome! We accomplished our goal of a clean, clear and professionally designed website.

—Jean Watson, Owner Vision Mechanical Ltd.

Communication was great, all questions and concerns were promptly answered and options were given. Everything ran smoothly and on schedule.

My overall experience was one of great appreciation. The web site was designed and functioned in the way the way that was expected. The continued support is fantastic, and the professionalism of Pixel Savvy and the design of the web site was exactly what I was hoping for. I will definitely refer them in the future.

Great Job!

—Ken Unger, Ken Unger REALTOR®.

My experience with Pixel Savvy has been excellent. In the past, when I have worked with web development teams, deadlines have been missed, communications have been strained, and accountability has been an issue. Not so with Pixel Savvy. Shane understood my vision of my company immediately. He was able to communicate it extremely well visually, he could talk so I could understand, I know exactly who was responsible for what aspect of the project, and he delivered ahead of schedule, and on the lower side of our budget. What a great experience! I recommend Pixel Savvy to anyone looking for a good website, with great features, and a design team capable of tailoring it to the client's needs.

—Katherine Heisler, Wine Central, Kelowna

Pixel Savvy offers services to both my companies - Lighthouse Professional Learning Group Inc. and The Home Education Exchange Inc. Their level of expertise in his field has certainly broadened our view of technology useage in the workplace. Through the functionality of our new websites and it’s applications, we are able to concentrate our efforts more effectively on client relationship management and business building strategies. I believe that Pixel Savvy will continue to be a great asset to the business community; it is my privilege to refer them to my clients. Well done; thank you so much for your hard work!

—Harriet van Staveren, Lighthouse Professional Learning Group Inc.

Very Good. Shane is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Brings good ideas to the table. Very professional.

Thank you very much for your help.

—Karin Denkova, Premium Services Inc.

[Pixel Savvy] are passionate about web development and helping individuals and companies harness the power of the internet. [Pixel Savvy]’s “education first” approach is great at helping individuals overcome any fears or inhibitions they might have regarding the net. If you have an existing website or need a new one, [Pixel Savvy] can definitely get you started on the path to quality design, user friendliness and more profits (and isn’t that what most websites are about!).

—Shelly Peplar, Astara Wealth Management

When we first hired Pixel Savvy to build our website, they became part of our team. They were very helpful and creative, and most importantly they kept us organized!

—Jeff, Team Sherpa

You were great to work with. Finishing everything ahead of schedule was wonderful. …I was so happy when I saw the first design of the website and very very few changes were needed. Pixel Savvy is a very professional organization, and very good at what you do.

—Charlene Butler, Butler Business Solutions Ltd.

Pixel Savvy’s attention to detail and customer care are unequaled. They helped us realize the potential a website could have for our business. I would recommend this company to anyone who wishes to get a leg up on the Internet!

—Dr. Gregory Evans, Evans Eyecare

Pixel Savvy did an excellent job for me. They took my vague concept for a web site and created precisely what I wanted; a simple, attractive site with easily accessible information that is crucial to my business.

—Daniel House, Aspect Integrity Ltd.

About Pixel Savvy Pixel Savvy in an independent web design and development firm based in western Canada. We specialize in building simple, elegant and intuitive websites for businesses and organizations of all kinds. If you have a need to build an online presence or are not satisfied with your current website, we can help you. Learn More »